Image of Bottle Vase #1 Dark Green

Bottle Vase #1 Dark Green


The Bottle Vase series are inspired by plastic trash from the waters of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After reading about the plastic soup - A area in the Pacific Ocean where all floating trash piles up - Foekje Fleur started to look into the water of her own hometown and collected plastic trash from the 1960’s until now, almost totally intact. This collection was copied into porcelain, a material that shares the lack of degradability and shows the problem even clearer.

This series is made by Middle Kingdom Porcelain. The outside of the stained porcelain is bisque which gives a matt fnish similar to plastic. The inside of the bottle is glazed to make it waterproof and suitable as a vase. The bottle is signed at the bottom. It measures 22,6X7,6X4,5 cm.

This vase comes in a gift box and will be protected by soft cushions to ship it safely to your home.

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